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5 Benefits Of Properly Aligned Wheels

Wheel alignment procedures are offered at almost every shop. But are they really that important? Well, we will let you decide that by giving you five benefits you get from a simple wheel alignment procedure.

1. Increased Comfort

When your wheels are out of alignment, you may experience a rougher ride due to the uneven distribution of weight on your tires. Proper wheel alignment can help ensure that weight is distributed evenly across all four tires and correct the wheel's angle, so it makes good contact with the road. This especially applies to AWD vehicles because all four wheels are connected to the drivetrain - even one can cause issues.

2. Better Performance

Proper wheel alignment can improve your vehicle's overall performance by optimizing tire contact with the road, reducing resistance, and correcting the direction of the force the wheels create. Even being one angle off can result in subpar performance or even handling issues.

3. Improved Environmental Impact

Another thing good wheel alignment does is make your car more environmentally friendly. While it may sound strange at first, it's a fact. That is because of the extra power needed to move your vehicle when its wheels aren't aligned - more power means more emissions.

4. Handling And Steering Benefits

When you turn your steering wheel, it should be quite easy to do - some say you should be able to do it with one finger. If this isn't the case with your vehicle, you might have tire alignment issues. While it sounds funny, one of the many benefits of wheel alignment procedures is a major improvement in handling and steering.

5. Reduces Stress On The Suspension System

Your tires are directly connected to the suspension. Therefore, if there are any issues with them, the suspension system starts to get damaged due to the extra stress. For example, if one wheel points outward and the other goes straight, it results in a big difference in the pulling force - the suspension is being pulled in opposite directions.

If your interest in wheel alignment procedures has peaked after reading this blog, BAM! Automotive is here to help! Our team will aid you in making sure your wheels are perfectly aligned and ready for the road! 

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