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5 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

Check engine lights can come on because of a variety of problems and issues. Some are quite large, while others are not. But it will certainly inform you that something is wrong and needs attention. Below, we have listed five of the most common reasons for a lit-up check engine light.

1. Engine Problems

Engine problems include everything from misfiring to coolant leaks. After all, it's called a check engine light, so it has to indicate problems with the engine. If you want to know more about the issue and its exact cause, make sure to have it checked by a mechanic or via a diagnostic tool.

2. Transmission Problems

Despite its name, the check engine light can also turn on for a variety of different things, such as problems with the transmission. It's responsible for switching gears and distributing power to the wheels; therefore, it's one of the most important systems in your car. Things like an oil leak or gear damage can cause the light to turn on.

3. Intake Issues

Your engine needs three main things: air, fuel, and something to ignite both of them. The intake serves the purpose of a funnel for air, therefore being a big part of what is needed for your engine. This makes proper intake and air supply vital; therefore, the system is hooked to the check engine light indicator. Make sure to have it checked by a mechanic or at a shop, just to be sure.

4. Malfunctioning Sensors

Sensors are responsible for telling your onboard computer what's wrong and what's not. That means they are near hotspots and can melt or wear out over time, resulting in malfunctions. So, don't be scared the next time you see your check engine light come on; it can be caused by a simple bad sensor.

5. Bad Ignition

Either bad ignition by spark or bad compression can cause misfires or even total cylinder shutdown - resulting in the check engine light turning on. And with the ignition source being important, it calls for proper care when the light turns on.

One of the best ways of determining the exact cause of the check engine light turning on is by an engine diagnostic. At BAM! Automotive, and engine diagnostics are some of our specialties. Make sure to call us or visit the shop for a professional opinion and, if needed, repair.

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