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The Correct Way to Start Your Car in the Cold

One of the most common mistakes car owners make is driving their vehicle in the cold immediately after starting it. This can damage vital systems and components, leading to frustrating problems - shortening the car's lifespan. If you want to know more about why it's bad and how to start it properly, read along to find out.

What Can It Cause?

When the engine is cold due to the temperatures outside, the fluid becomes viscous, metal is more brittle, and the gaskets and seals are stiff, just to name a few. While the vehicle is stationary, it starts to warm up and get all these things going and working. If you cold start the car and immediately after that drive it, parts are more prone to damage or even stopping to operate. This can also cause problems with sensors which are vital for your car's ability to run.

To put it in short, continuous driving with a cold engine can damage parts and systems all over the vehicle - resulting in a shorter lifespan.

How To Properly Do It

The correct way of starting and driving your car in the cold is very simple. Start your car and leave it in neutral 10-15 minutes beforehand - and if temperatures are extreme, 25-30 minutes. For an added bonus, start up the heater or heated seats, making it warm and ready to go once you go in. You can also look at the temperature gauge, and when it gets in the middle, you are ready to go.

How Does It Benefit The Vehicle

While it can be a little bothersome going in the cold and starting your car before you leave, it benefits your vehicle a lot. Getting everything warm and oiled up is essential for your engine's performance. It also benefits the transmission, especially if it's automatic - preparing all the moving parts for constant shifting and stress.

We strongly recommend starting your vehicle as we proposed because it is commonly overlooked. Cold weather is no joke, especially for your vehicle, so make sure to ease its work as much as possible to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

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