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What Can Cause Brake Pad Wear On One Side and Not The Other?

A vehicle's brake system comprises complex systems, including mechanics, hydraulics, and friction. Brake pads are vital for vehicle operation, and when one set wears down, it compromises your vehicle's stopping power performance leading to premature replacement. Here are some reasons that may cause your brake pad to wear out on one side and what you should do if it happens.

1. Brake caliper failure

Caliper failure is a common cause of pad wear. It has a piston that presses the brake pads for the vehicle to stop. Brake calipers can sometimes be struck, making the brake pads stay pressed against the rotor, causing quick wear down.

2. Issues with the rotor surface

Brake rotors, at times, wear out unevenly, causing DTV {Disc Thickness Variation}. This can be because of rust, sticking calipers, dirt and debris between the rotor and pad, or slamming on the brakes.

3. Brake pads misalignment

While manufacturers produce brake pads in masses and test them before releasing them, it's normal to find defective pads which wear out quickly. Besides, for the pads to work efficiently, they to be properly aligned. Misalignment in the brake pads causes uneven squeezing of the rotors, which causes them to wear out faster on one side.

4. Brake hose

When the metal brake line sustains damage caused by impact or the brake hose rubber collapse because of age, it may cause brake hose failure. This will lead to pressure in your vehicle's hydraulic system forcing the piston caliper outwards and dragging the brake pads along the rotors causing easy wear out of brake pads on one side.

5. Slide pins

Slide pins usually allow the brake caliper to slide forth and back with the wheels. However, when slide pins are corroded, they cannot slide back; therefore caliper will remain stuck in one position. This will cause brake pads to wear out quickly on that side. But, with some grease and wire brush, you can do away with corrosion.

If you've observed brake pads wearing out on one side, bring your vehicle to BAM! Automotive for brake system repair. Our experts will determine the root of the uneven break wear and handle it professionally.


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